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International Team's Independent Study Page

What is Independent Study?
  • We are striving to create opportunities for students to learn new things that interest them.
  • Students think about topics that interest them.
  • They develop a plan to learn more about it.
  • They make contacts to help them in their goal.
  • Share their plan with their parent
  • They get their plan approved at school
  • They learn something new and present what they have learned.
Students who successfully plan an independent study project can:
  • Job shadow
  • Research
  • Interview
  • Do community service
  • Learn a new skill
  • Make or build something
  • Feel free to think outside the box
Check back for information on our 
next Independent Study day. 
We will be finalizing independent study projects soon.   
We've had a great beginning to independent studies.  Some things we've done.
      • Recording studio
      • Hospital
      • Veterinarian
      • Candy Shoppe
      • Boat building
      • Auto mechanics
      • Carpentry/Contractor
      • Computer Repair
      • Game warden
      • Child Care
      • And more...
      • The possibilities are limitless.
How can you help?
  • We are looking for service project ideas.  
  • We are looking for parents willing to help with service projects.  
    • If you have time during the school day and would like to help we'd like to hear from you.
  • Any ideas?  
    • We are always interested in hearing new ideas.
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