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7th & 8th Grade School Supply Suggestions

posted Aug 8, 2019, 5:39 AM by Bruce Bailey
Parents sometimes ask for a list of needed school supplies as they head out to prepare for the new year. With teachers and students having unique preferences, it's difficult to create one universal list. Please know that teachers will give students time to obtain anything unique that might be needed. Here is a general list of things that are helpful to have:
  • Pens and Pencils- you may not want to send them all at once and instead resupply your student occasionally throughout the year.
  • Some spiral notebooks or loose leaf paper and folders.
  • A couple of 3-ring binders.
  • Some teachers will ask for a bound composition book.
  • An inexpensive set of earbuds can be helpful for use with laptop computers.
  • Colored pencils or markers are helpful to have on hand for projects.
  • Your student may also have a book or two to cover - Paper bags still work just fine.
Please note that our lockers are fairly narrow. Often mirrors, shelves and other decoratives that kids bring won't fit or interfere with opening or closing the door and should be avoided. Gym clothes- sneakers, shorts or gym pants, and a t-shirt are needed for Phys. Ed. class. Hope this is helpful - we look forward to seeing you back at school!