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Blues Soup! - from Mr. Coffey

posted Feb 1, 2018, 5:28 AM by Bruce Bailey   [ updated Feb 1, 2018, 5:29 AM ]

As a part of our unit on the Blues and in collaboration with the Belfast Soup Kitchen and Mr. Groening, Tech Ed teacher at Troy Howard Middle School, the 6th grade general music class will be making and then playing diddley bows.  What’s a diddley bow you say?!

The diddley bow is a single-stringed instrument that originated in the rural South and has had a major influence on American blues and rock music. It consists of a single string of wire pulled tight between two nails mounted on a piece of wood. It was traditionally considered a starter or children's instrument in the South.  It was created by plantation slaves from West Africa who made them out of whatever they could find.  We will be following in these early musicians footsteps by using scrap lumber provided by Mr. Groening and soup cans from the Belfast Soup Kitchen.  The soup will be donated by our music class to the soup kitchen in exchange for the cans.  This is a very exciting way for our students to connect with our community and we are very thankful for the opportunity to collaborate!