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Congratulations to our Drama Club:

posted May 11, 2018, 11:48 AM by Bruce Bailey
The following members of our drama club competed in the Maine Student Acting Competition on May 5 in Winslow. 

Matt S,  Marina B,  Annabelle L,  Sarah C,  Eliot A,  Haley B,  Adria B,  Summer P,  Michaela N,  Anna S,  Gemma B,  Ada C,  Chris H,  Jadon D,  Julia C,  Haley T,  Maddie M,  Vienna T,  Naomi A
We won:
1st place Team Music
2nd place Team Acting
2nd & 3rd Group Music
1st Group Acting
1st & 3rd Duo Acting
1st & 3rd Duo Music
1st & 2nd Solo Music