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MLTI Laptops

posted Sep 8, 2017, 12:30 PM by Melinda Larrabee
There has been some confusion regarding the Accidental Damage Coverage (ADC) for the 7 & 8 grade MLTI laptops. Accidental Damage Coverage was designed to help cover the cost of damage and repairs due to accidents and negligence, whether it happens in the building or in other locations. The fees for ADC are $15, $25, $40, depending on lunch status. In order for your child to take their laptop home, you must pay the fee. However, if you choose to keep your child’s laptop at school and not be taken home, you still need to pay the ADC unless you are willing to accept FULL RESPONSIBILITY for the cost of ANY damage or loss (up to $1,200) for use of the laptop at THMS. By signing up for the ADC you only are required to pay a deductible of double the ADC fee per incident.

If your child’s laptop stays at school, and you are willing to accept full responsibility for damages, then you do not need to pay the ADC. You will be required to pay the full cost of damages to the laptop screen, case, or internal components due to accidents or negligence (please see the form for more clarification on this).

If you do choose to purchase the ADC, please send cash or check made payable to RSU 71 into your child’s homeroom teacher or the main office. Feel free to contact our MLTI lead teacher, Melinda Larrabee, by emailing mlarrabee@rsu71.org or by calling the main office with any questions.