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Our THMS School Day will start at 7:35am and end at 2:05pm

posted Aug 23, 2017, 10:54 AM by Bruce Bailey
Some of you might remember that we hinted at the end of the year that there might be a slight shift in our morning start time for this year due to a shift in our bussing schedule. The bus schedule has been adjusted so that many students will be picked up 10-15 minutes later in the morning. The goal is to have students arriving here after 7:15am giving them a bit more time to get up and organized in the morning. They will still have time to get breakfast. Our morning bell- when kids can come in, get organized and head for homerooms will shift to 7:20am. All students should be in homeroom before 7:35, after which they will be considered tardy. The busses will be picking students up at THMS first before heading to pick up BAHS students allowing us to dismiss all students at 2:05pm. Our last class of the day will end at 2:00pm to give students time to get organized before they leave for the day.

The new bus schedule can be found here: Bus Routes 2017-2018