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posted Jan 2, 2019, 7:41 AM by Bruce Bailey   [ updated Jan 3, 2019, 7:46 AM by Dave Fournier ]
Allison H - Band - Allison has become a leader in her section and a great role model for her peers.  She is always striving to get better musically and helps her peers to do the same.

Cloey S - P.E. - Cloey comes to class prepared, works hard and has a great attitude.

Kathleen L - Health - Kathleen always comes to class prepared, ready to go with a smile on her face.

Madison D - General Music - Maddie takes advantage of class time to practice her keyboard skills by focusing on the assigned songs even though many other students in the class play around with keyboard sounds whenever they can. Maddie has even practiced at home!

Madison R - Library Skills - Madison worked really hard to do her best and went above and beyond what she needed to do on some projects.

Stephanie R - Art - Stephanie is a motivated art student. She works hard, is kind and respectful of others, and can be seen going beyond the given assignments to create art that is meaningful. 

Tristan B - Tech Ed. - Tristan has always put his best effort into every project and activity in Tech Ed. His hard work has resulted in winning every engineering competition both this year and last.  Tristan is always a model citizen and a helpful friend to his classmates.

Zeke S - Theater Arts - Zeke is a hard worker and a true leader by example. He is a talented young actor with creative ideas and confidence!