THMS School Counselors

A note from your School Counselors

Our role at THMS is to support every student’s middle school experience.

We want to insure that each child is on a pathway for success in school and in life.

If at any point in the year we can partner with you as you raise your child through the challenging Tween/Teen years, we are here for you.

Emily Davis

8th Grade School Counselor

Available: Tuesday-Wednesday-Thursday


Phone: 338-3320 Extension 223

Room #223

Maureen Ferriter

6th and 7th Grade School Counselor

Available: Monday-Wednesday-Thursday-Friday


Phone : 338-3320 Extension 123

Room #123

Typical issues children learn to navigate during the middle school years

  • Peer relationships/conflicts Changing friendships

  • Academic pressure

  • Under or over achievement

  • Anxiety

  • Stress

  • School Attendance

  • Social skills

  • Dependence and Independence

  • Organization

  • Time management

  • Communication

  • Emotional health

  • Social media