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Report Card Score Definitions

1 - Student has little to no understanding of the standard.

The teaching team and administrators will examine any student receiving a 1 on a report card standard more closely. Conversations regarding how to more effectively meet the learning needs of this student will be investigated.

2 - Student has not yet met the standard but is making progress; additional instruction and practice are needed.

The student requires more time to meet the standard. The teacher and student will have communicated with each other to clarify what the student specifically needs in the way of further instruction or additional practice activities to ensure the standard is met within the near future.

3 - Student meets the learning standard.

The student has demonstrated to the teacher that they have met all elements of the learning standard indicated.

4 - Student has exceeded the learning standard.

The student has gone beyond the learning standard by demonstrating the ability to apply and generalize the standard to other subject areas or think well beyond the scope of the standard. It is the quality of thought that demonstrates exceeding the learning standard.