Troy Howard Middle School

173 Lincolnville Ave., Belfast, ME 04915  |  P: (207) 338-3320  |  F: (207) 338-5588

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Troy A Howard Middle School parents make sure your annual student update is done. Login to the portal (green section above), left hand side, MORE then scroll down. If doing on a phone turn it landscape. If you need a device to process it on please come in to the office.  Student permissions for their computers, field trips and information about them is required each year.

REMINDER: Pets are not allowed on school property unless they are a CERTIFIED & TRAINED Service Animal, this includes during sporting events or other after school activities.

Who Was Troy Howard?

When a new middle school was being built in Belfast and was in need of a name, there were many appropriate suggestions. All who had an opinion had a reason for supporting their choice. The fact that the building came to bear the name Troy A. Howard was not because of the tragedy of a young man's death, nor was it due to a lack of respect for, or deserving of, any of the other nominees. I believe this building received its name because the name and the institution were a perfect fit.    Read more....

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We are located at 173 Lincolnville Avenue in Belfast, Maine

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